Brimstone - The Demon Within

MOOD Publishing


Hardcover Cinematic Novel 

"We all have our demons."

Mary Windsor is torn in two, like many teenage girls navigating adolescence. Except Mary is experiencing an infinitely more dangerous form of maturation. There's a secret buried within her- one that even she is unaware of. But when she fatefully stumbles upon a portal into Brimstone, her past and present collide. She's forced to confront her inner darkness, while evading an onslaught of malevolent creatures who seek to use her unique abilities to open the gateway between their world and ours.

Brimstone is a spectacular coming-of-age fantasy adventure written by Hollywood screenwriter Will Simmons.

30cmx22,5cm (11,8×8,8”) 
A gorgeous 156 page Hardcover in high quality print, gold debossed cover details and a beautifully designed layout.